Rapid Invention

How do you keep up with today's exponential change? 

We designed a one-week accelerated process. Organizing into small teams, we worked alongside clients to collaboratively conceive, design, and build digital products and services. Part problem-solving, part catalyst for organizational change, our aim was to generate leading-edge solutions while influencing how teams work every day.  

Co-Founder  |  UX & Strategy

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Sprint Based

Adapted from startup and product-development culture, our sprint based methods and tools quickly move ideas from the abstract to the concrete—avoiding hours of meetings and endless debates.

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Integrated Teams

Intensely collaborative, multidisciplinary, and fully integrated with our clients. The real magic happened when the boundaries of client and studio were invisible, and all were united by a common goal. 

Rapid Prototypes

The goal was to make quick progress on multiple hypotheses, not reach perfection. Teams presented a working prototype by the end of the week, saving weeks of time, forcing decisions and validation.