How do you build a studio to solve tomorrow's problems? 

United by the belief that innovation and time-to-market are the biggest challenges facing businesses today, Junior was built for invention and speed. We blended traditional disciplines to create new ways to engage consumers, and invent (or reinvent) digital products, services and experiences for clients, helping them go to market in compelling new ways.

Co-Founder  |  UX & Strategy


New Collaboration Model

Our process was radically transparent. There were no black boxes and no big reveals. We worked side-by-side with clients in order to get to the best solutions fast, leveraging each of our expertise. 

New Talent Model Icon.png

New Talent Model

We organized around a generation of makers — designers who code, and coders who design — recruiting from the world's most progressive schools, hiring polyvalents that think, design, and code with equal fluidity. 

New Process Model

We worked in nimble teams, using a sprint methodology to consider multiple design hypotheses. Our cadence enabled practitioners and clients to move quickly, progressing functional prototypes weekly.